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Did you ever decide overnight that it was just ‘time’ to change things?
Like that’s it. Move on, and voila?

Or did you give it more time, and finally, after looking at all the possibilities and consequences of your decision, you decided to go forward with said changes?

Well, that’s exactly what happened to me.

Granted, it took me a year or so to move forward in my decision, and yes, once I was able to see clearly from the Pandemic.

That was it.
I invited the changes and started growing in a different direction.

So, what brought this on?
This ongoing Pandemic. My father dying of COVID.
My love of design and colors….
And most of all, my want to work in a field that is closer to my heart.
It was more like a moment of total realization of how short our time is and how we should make use of our days to the fullest.

Last but not least, I also had a good look at my life…Me. My business and on.
An honest one that was, at times, unpleasant but needed.
One that made me seriously look into my working habits, my strengths, and my downfalls. One that also made me realize that, eh, as much as it wasn’t that bad…
We were in dire need of a change.

So, being the slightly neurotically organized person that I am (some would rightfully call it having some ‘slight control’ issues)
I ‘rethought’ (for lack of better words) my inner voice, the use of my smile, my happy moments, my positive moments, my moves forward.
I decided to use my strengths, one step at a time and one moment at a time.
To move forward at my pace and, as such, gain…From the understanding of my strength.

So, what did I gain from these changes?
What did I create to gain from these changes and make it easier for me to move forward?

My ‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planner.

Yes, I did, because guess what? None of this happened overnight! No, it was more of a tedious, sometimes painful small step…but with a purpose and a result!

Because yes, there is more to come.
Meanwhile, why not give it a look. I’m positive you’ll find one that will catch your eye and your rebel soul.

Digital designer & explorer | nerd | country life aficionado…
exploring uncharted backyard gardens & discovering northern country roads.

WordPress & eCommerce Website DEV. / Digital Designer
Certified Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant


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