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Below are copies of my bi-weekly, weekly, and sometimes just…monthly Newsletter.
Why monthly? Because my mail out is based on how much I have on my plate that week.
What my energy level is that day…And how inspired I am at that moment!
To which you will find…
Personal reflections shared with all, updates on my latest projects and the marketing of fellow entrepreneurs.

Good Friday all!

So, in my last Newsletter, I said I’d be finishing and offering the ‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ Binder & Divider Covers… with label or handwritten space.

Well, they are done and on sale in my virtual store, ready to be downloaded and used!

Here’s the link:

Binder and Divider Covers

I’ve priced them at $2.00 each and are to be used under the Personal Use license.

In other words, they are not to be resold on your Etsy Shop and on.

What are they used for?

As the heading explains, use them when you need a Divider or Binder Cover….and want beauty!!

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Updates

Following up on my last Newsletter, I received an email from a future client wanting to know more about my ‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ Planner and ‘in’ the way in which it was created.

In other words, what were the results intended?

First, why did I create this Planner?

Because I guess, like many of you, I was tired of the run-of-the-mill Planners and wanted a planner not only unique in style but also practical.

I wanted beauty daily.

I wanted a Planner, not a ToDo list.

I wanted a Planner that would help me follow up on my weekly progress.

Has it helped?

It has. I am keeping myself accountable for my progress and taking into account ALL steps.

From doing the dishes daily to adding new articles to my account (hopefully on a daily basis also soon!)

So you see…

You don’t need to judge yourself on ‘how good’ let’s say…Your Spring Cleaning was this year, but more on the fact that you tried your best…

Each step is a victory to be celebrated!

Small Steps, Beautiful Results – 2022 Goal Setting Planners

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Planner Options


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend!

Smile, it’s easier than you think.

Talk to you soon and take care…


Digital designer & explorer | nerd | country life aficionado…
exploring uncharted backyard gardens & discovering northern country roads.

WordPress & eCommerce Website DEV. / Digital Designer
Certified Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant

My goal with this Newsletter is to help. Help by sharing a growth process and a journey…Because guess what? We are damn stronger than we think.

And you know the best? If we put out minds to it, we create beautiful realities.

So, let’s do it.

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