Dreamer & Doer’s Newsletter – April 30, 2021

Hello Dreamers & Doer's

Yes, I’m  late. I’m late. I’m late!

I had all intentions of sending out my Newsletter for this last Wednesday… and life got in the way.
OK, to be honest, I’ve been studying, researching…and…learning. And, used this as an excuse (to myself) to not put the work in, in creating my Newsletter!

Now, that’s honesty.

And yes, it does seem like the past 2 months or so, have been one continuous ‘awakening’. Something that feels like its long overdue and quite welcomed!
So, what has taken so much of my attention when I say ‘studying’? (We’ll leave this as studying lol)… What is that got me so interested that I’ literally glued to my putter, learning and taking endless notes?

Design. Art. Colors. Form.

You got it. Its’ the artsy side of me has finally taken over…Or better said. I’m letting the artsy side of me ‘take over’…
Why? This past year. 2020. And more…Also because, I’ve finally realized that honesty, true honesty with oneself is the best way forward.

It’s that simple. Amazing how well I now sleep…
More on this latter…!

Free Marketing

As per my offer, her is the latest entry for the Free Marketing posting –

Sounds Wow.com

“Do you want to set up your own Home Recording Studio, and need a little help with the process? Well, our blog is all about that. Follow the guidelines we have created, though a series of articles that will get you through the basics. We have covered all the important steps, with the gears you need to get started, different methods to soundproof your brand new studio, and how to create a surround sound system if you want to do that too. We are very proud of all our articles and even more for how cool our website looks. Check out for yourself and enjoy the process!”

Giorgio Passalacqua
CEO of Sounds Wow.com

I post all my Newsletters to my website as a blog post…Which means that your ‘Marketing’ link (in other words, the link you send to be added to the newsletter per se) is now posted as a ‘backlink’ on a website…Which in other words = backlink.

Good for you. Good for me.

The offer still stands. So yes, please send them in!
I’ll be more than happy to promote two subscribers every week in my Newsletter. Just send me your info!

Info: Name & link + a short description of your online business.
If interested, send your email to cj@chrisjechoux.com and add Dreamers & Doer’s Free Marketing in the subject line.

Blog Posts & Newsletter

When I first started this Newsletter, my goal was to create/post two (2) new blog posts per week AND send out an updated Newsletter also twice a week.
Hello – what was I thinking lolol

So, let’s recap.

Newsletter once a week. Blog post…Once a week.
And no, in all due respect, I don’t use PLR for my blog posts. It’s pure inspiration or total lack of – therefore, nothing posted lol
So, hopefully there will be a new blog post next week and moving on!

Tools for Business & Pleasure....

Ruth Bowers – Ritchie Media
Flash Sale on her Summer Sunshine Coloring Kit – good until midnight EST on Monday, May 3, 2021.

Sales Price: $17.00
(The button on the sales page says $37, but the sale price is reflected on the checkout page after you click through – no coupon needed.)

 The main offer includes:

  • 100 12″ x 12″ square patterns
  • 20 Butterfly Line Art Images
  • 20 Flower Line Art Images
  • 20 Sunshape Line Art Images
  • 60 filled Butterfly Images
  • 60 filled Flower Images
  • 60 filled Sunshape Images

All Images in JPG and PNG formats, 12″x12″, 300 d.p.i.
Includes Commercial Use License
Main Offer: Summer Sunshine Coloring Kit

Sales Page:  https://chrisresources.com/offer/summer-sunshine-coloring-kit/

From Alice Seba – Extremely Limited Time Private Label Rights Offer:
Over 150 Editable Coloring Pages with Private Label Commercial Use Rights for Your Coloring Books, Journals, Giveaways and More

Here’s a Quick Summary of What’s Included in the 150+ Coloring Page Pack. They come in .png and .PSD format (2500 x 3300 pixels), so you can publish as is or edit as much as you’d like.

  • 12 dog coloring pages
  • 20 fitness coloring pages
  • 20 goals coloring pages
  • 13 inspiration coloring pages
  • 21 marketing entrepreneurship coloring pages
  • 12 yoga coloring pages
  • 20 creativity coloring pages
  • 10 food coloring pages
  • 10 kindness coloring pages
  • 10 pets coloring pages
  • 5 holiday coloring pages

Sales Page: https://chrisresources.com/offer/coloring-mega-pack/

Learning & moving forward…


If you are new to WordPress and still learning all the ins and out… this article will really help in figuring out the WP Dashboard!

WordPress Dashboard: The Complete Guide

New Facebook Page Layout (2021 Update)

Yes, you read that right, more visual changes for Facebook soon!
More info at the blog post…

12 New Facebook Page Layout Updates You Need to Know [2021]

Special for Virtual Assistants…

As I explained in my last Newsletter, I started out as a Virtual Assistant in 2005 – Now, where is one of the best places on the web to find new clients and jobs?

Here’s the link. Well worth spending time on their great website for more info on the industry!

To your well deserved success!

Chris / CJ
Chief Nerd & Eternal Optimist

My goal with this Newsletter is to help. Help by sharing a growth process and a journey…
Because guess what? We are damn stronger than we think.
And you know the best?
If we put out mind to it, we create beautiful realities.
So, let’s do it.

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