Entrepreneurship: Create & Grow Your Business

So, What Does Entrepreneurship Mean?

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating/designing, launching, and running the day to day processes of a new business.
So, what does this means in ‘simpler’ words?
Easy… It’s when you decide that you’ve had enough. Enough of the 5 to 9 reality. Enough of the commute, the water cooler soap opera, and on…
It’s when you’ve finally decided that it’s time to call it quits. Call it quits and move forward with your dreams and aspirations.

That’s the 101 for entrepreneurship. These are not steps. But simply the realizations, that’s it’s time for you to ‘do something’…That’s when it hits you. That’s when it becomes a Leap of Faith. It’s believing in yourself and what the future will bring you.

Chasing the Facts…

What do you want to create? Is your product virtual or tangible?
Are you a woodworker, seamstress, and gardener of exotic plants, cook… and you think your ‘new’ product will revolutionize the industry? Or maybe, something totally different…Maybe you want to learn how to dropship. Start your own e-commerce business…

None of the above?

Well then…Maybe you have masterminded the virtual product of the century!
It’s a plan, the sliver of an idea. One so strong, that it will not let you sleep at night. The one you just know will ‘catch on’ and make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. The Dream Maker…

That’s what entrepreneurship is made of…The belief that you can make your business dreams a reality – regardless of what adversity you may face.

The Concept of the Dream, Versus the Real Thing…

So, your mind is made up. It’s a big word, but you got this.
You want to be an entrepreneur. This is your goal in life. Your vision. You’re Karma. You’re everything.
You have the fire inside of you, and you are ready to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It’s your future, and come what may, you will be in control of it.

I applaud you. Honestly, I do. Because you know what? It’s not easy and it’s not going to get any easier.
But then, hey, you are now the ‘entrepreneur’, and what will now come in play – is so much different than if you would have taken the 9 to 5 route.

So I ask…
Are you willing to develop, organize and manage your business venture? Are you willing to put in the long hours? The personal doubts? The aggravations? Are you ready to seriously work at it, so that you can claim victory and profits?

If so, you have the fire inside of you – and you just may be able to call yourself an entrepreneur.

Final Words – What Does It Take to Be an Entrepreneur?

Passion – You need passion. You need to believe in your business to make it work.
Strong work ethic – Should I even add this? Be honest. Build it well. Build it strong.
Strong people skills – Being an introvert does not work at building a business. You need to be a people person…
Determination – When you don’t take no for an answer… and figure out how to make it a success.
Creativity – Make it happen. Think outside of the box and create.
Competitiveness – You want to be competitive. It will drive you and your business.
Self Starter – Don’t wait on others…

Remember, You Got This. You Can Make It Happen.


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