It Does Not Get Easier You Will Just Get Stronger…

Here is a copy of my Newsletter, sent out on March 18, 2020, regarding Covid-19. It took me 3 hours to write this…There were so many emotions inside me, and… hell…I simply could not get the wording right.

I guess life does that to us at times…


Hello Friend…

I had all intentions of sending out my Newsletter yesterday…But then yesterday came packed with its own agenda.

Young adults calling home because they are scared…Online Grocery platforms going down because of the overload. Neighbors not understanding how the web works and asking for help…
Yes, yesterday was full.

So, by Where Does One Start When Facing a Pandemic?

Just the word Pandemic by itself is a question mark…
It’s our head cocked to one side, trying to understand the extent of the changes facing us and wondering…Wondering if the ‘normal’ will ever be ‘that’ normal again.

It’s bigger than all of us…
And it’s each one of us taking in a deep breath and learning to find our strength.
Yes, that strength you didn’t know you had.
That one.
The one you thought you’d never have to use. Or maybe you did use it at one point, but then you put it away…
Because, well, because…

So, by Where Do We Start?

Well, we have a few choices. 
We can either create legendary panic attacks, something you would only talk about with your best of friends…
We can hide. We can pretend it’s not happening. We can bitch about it, and say it’s a conspiracy plot…


We can face it square in the face.
And I Mean Face It Square in the Face… and Get Things Done.

Face it one day at a time and smile.
Lend a helping hand. Look out for your neighbors.
Say thank you to the delivery person that brought in your groceries.
Help online friends that are maybe not as strong AS YOU ARE…

The List Is There for the Taking.

Let’s look outside the box. Outside our world and see how we can help.

We are all stronger than we think.
It’s time to shine.

So, with this in mind here’s a little something I know will help.
It may look simplistic, but you know what? It works. It really does.

Here Goes:

Find a quiet spot if you can. Sit.
Sit as if you were riding a horse…and if you never did. Sit with your back straight, but in a relaxed mode.
Let your stomach out.
Your shoulders are probably in a knot right now. Try to relax them. Bring them down.
Open your hands. Exercise your fingers. Imagine you are crushing a ball.

Now, place your open hands on your thighs.
Listen to yourself breathing.
Slow down.
1 -2 -3 slow breaths. That’s it. You got that.

Now, take 10-15 seconds and breathe in through your nose, while focusing on inhaling deeply down into your diaphragm, and extending the exhale out for longer than the inhale.
e.g. 6 counts inhaling, 8 counts exhaling

Let’s Do This.

1 – Breath in through your nose (count to 6).
2 – Inhale deeply, down into your diaphragm. (As if you could breathe all the way to the base of your spine.)
3 – Extend your exhale slightly longer than your inhale. (count to 8)

You can also do this exercise standing if you wish. The main thing here is to make sure you’ve opened your hands, place them on a surface, and relaxed your shoulders. Now breathe in.


To all my beautiful, beautiful readers out there, I thank you for your time and applaud your strength.


Writing to you from a tentative beginning of spring… somewhere in the Laurentians, Quebec, Canada!

And remember, Go for it.
Go for that dream and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be strong. Be Beautiful.
You. Got. This.


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