Marketing Report – February 24, 2020

Hi all!

Here we are another report – which in all honesty, should have been posted yesterday. But…hey, let’s blame this on the fact that’s a new set up, and my plate is full?

Good excuse?

So then, what ‘progress’ did I make last week? Well, I can’t claim any big changes per se. But, I can claim that I am following the path I set, and it’s looking good!

Cleaning up & Organizing & Window 10 update

Window 10
Last week my PC went through a major Window 10 update (1909) and made it unscathed.
I took the time to do a serious backup and set the update for 7 pm. This way if it took a few hours, it would not affect my online time!

Cleaning up & Organizing
As I’ve mentioned before, I truly believe that if you want to build…Make sure you build on a strong foundation. Your online business is the same thing.
It’s like building a house.
Do it well the first time. Build on a strong foundation.

Establish your processes. Clean out what is of no use to you. Don’t carry a baggage of what was before ….’in case of’.
Get rid of it and move on.

Give yourself the chance to focus without having to look back all the time.
You are going forward, not backward.

It’s a powerful decision in itself. One that once taken, is well worth it.

Freshbooks, QuickBooks & Zoho Invoices

Talking about basic online business set up – that was one of the changes I made last week. And the reason being is simple. Zoho crushes it when it comes to setting up your invoicing system! It’s that simple!

Now, why the revelation after using Freshbooks…off and on for quite a few years? Well, in all honesty, I finally TOOK the time to set up my Zoho Invoices and better inform myself on their program.

Result? I realized that I’ve been paying way too much… for very little, with companies such as QuickBooks & Freshbooks.

I mean it.

Look, don’t take my word. You try it. Have a good look. Spend the time with the free version, and start setting up your online business invoice. While you’re at it, also set up the AUTOMATIC follow up Receipts, Thank you emails, Client Portals…

Take it from a Geek here… It’s worth your time and you’ll wonder why didn’t do it before!

Social Media - Facebook

Finally updated my Facebook Business page header. Not a big deal you say? You have a point…But it’s done, and it truly represents my new business brand. Remember, your online brand is not only your website…

So yes, update your website also update your Social brand.

Google Analytics
Website Traffic & Stats For A 7 Day Period

Period: Monday, February 17 to Sunday, February 23, 2020 (incl.)

Here are the results for the last 7 days. Still good… well, dismal for many I’m positive, but you know what? I’m not comparing these results to anybody else out there.

I’m still in the ‘construction’ mode, and my only reference point is the weekly Newsletter. No Social Media yet.

So, yes there’s a bit of an increase from last week’s report… and for sure, a decrease in other…

Sessions: 49
New Users: 28
Page Views: 149
Bounce Rate: 58.18%
New Visitors: 81.8%
Returning Visitors: 18.2%
Average Session Duration: 00:5:56

Email Subscribers - Active Campaign

My Newsletter is now sent out to my subscribers on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesday & Friday.

As of February 24, 2020: 315 subscribers

Last Newsletter sent out: Tuesday, February 18, 2020.

Unsubscribed: 0 – All things considered, that’s pretty good.

As you will notice, my Newsletter was only sent out on Tuesday last week. Which is an error on my part, as my goal is to stay in touch with my subscribers on Tuesday & Friday.
So, obviously, I have to fix this.
No other excuses.

Next ‘Just Do It’ Online Marketing Report – Monday, March 02, 2020

So that’s it for this week. Remember, it’s not how much you do, but how well you do it.

I hope it helps all the dreamers and doers out there.

The point here is this. Go for it.

Go for that dream and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.
Be strong. Be Beautiful.
You. Got. This.

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