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Email Marketing Strategies

Promote your Online or Brick & Mortar business through the use of Emails.

WordPress Website Creation

Establish yourself on the web with the
creation of your website.

Social Media Marketing

Use Social Media to it's fullest. Market your business & reach your customers.

WordPress Website Creation

Websites, Websites & Websites!

Are you aware, that the web is the starting point for at least 92% of business searches?
Are you also aware, that if your future customers cannot find you online, they simply won’t look any further…?
Amazing isn’t it…So, how do we fix this?
Simple. Let’s create the first step of your ‘Online Presence’.
Let’s build your WordPress business website and show your ability to stay current in the marketplace!

Your ‘Online Presence’…What does it mean?

It’s You. It’s your company. It’s the services that you offer, through the medium of your website. Your website, like Social Media, is the foundation of your ‘Online Presence’.

Still with me?

Here’s a small fact you may find interesting…Did you know that you have at the most 15 seconds…? Yes, 15 seconds to ‘keep’ a visitor’s attention to your website. In other words, 15 seconds for a visitor to decide… if they want to continue visiting your website or not.
Not much time is it?
So, how do we fix this? By making sure all the chances are on your side. By building, on a solid base. By ‘wowing’ them from the first moment they visit your website.

Let me help you start out on the right foot.

Read up on the different options I offer for your WordPress website creation. Are you starting from scratch? Do you want to visually update your WordPress website? Do you have questions and not sure by where to start?

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM is the use of Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter & more as Online Marketing tools.
You see, building a website is a beautiful thing, but then…if nobody knows that you’re out there on the web… Well, what do you think will happen? You got it…A business with Zero Growth!

How do we fix this?

For starters, we set up a Social Media Marketing Strategy & start promoting who you are! What are the services your offer? What makes your business better than your competitors and on…

The point here is to engage with your target consumers, through the Social Media channels.As a result, this will increase our ‘Online Presence’ through the use of the digital.


Increased brand exposure, generate more leads and broaden customer reach! Again, here are a few advantages of using Social Media Marketing for your Business
1 – Improved Brand Authority and Loyalty
2 – Higher Conversion Rates = Increased Inbound traffic
3 – Increased Brand Awareness = Improved Search Engine Rankings


As a Certified Social Media and Marketing Consultant, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It will be my pleasure to discuss the possibilities and create a Social Media Strategy tailored to your business needs!

Email Marketing Strategies

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the use of emails to promote your Online or Brick & Mortar business. It`s a form of direct marketing that uses emails as a mean of communicating with your target audience.

It is used to cultivate business relationships with potential customers, keep current customers informed and updated on your brand, encourage customer loyalty, repeat business and more!

Why use Email Marketing as part of your Marketing Plan?

Simple. Because it’s an easy online tool to use to keep connected with prospective and current customers. As such, it will permit you to keep them up to date on your different offers and services that you offer.

What are the benefits of using Email Marketing?

If used on a regular basis, it’s a fantastic tool to keep in touch with your base i.e. your clients. And I stress ‘regular basis’ because… These are your clients. You don’t contact them once a month…Just to see what is going on… You contact them often!
And without getting too ‘techy’ – these are the benefits. Talk to your people. Let them know what is happening. Improve your brand awareness. Emails are made for that. 

Email Marketing takes your customer’s relationship to the next level, with the use of targeted and personalized messages.


As a Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant, I offer my customer over 12 years of experience in Marketing per se. I have worked and have extensive experience with numerous Email Marketing programs, and offer my customers a hands-on experience.

Note: Want to know more about the different Email Marketing Software offered? Not quite sure which program you should use for your business? Why not read my latest blog posts discussing Email Marketing, I’m positive it will help you!

Assessment & Strategy Meeting...

A website creation & Marketing Plan are entities of their own. You know what you want. You know which path you want to follow. All you need to do now is step forward, and get those projects going.

So, let’s get it done. What I offer is that we meet over ‘Skype Voice’ and discuss your projects and online needs.
My goals are very simple. I want you to be at ‘ease’ with the online world. I want you to shine. I want you grow and create.

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