‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ Planner Options

'Small Steps, Beautiful Results'

A personal planner with only one thing in mind...
Help you set & achieve your goals...
One 'small step' at the time

Step One

Choose between eighteen different Daily Planner designs.

Note: The Daily Planner cover page design carries a slightly lighter color throughout the Planner. The same technique is also added to all additional inserts.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Two

Start creating ...
your 'Small Steps, Beautiful Results' Binder...

Binder Covers

Print the top sheet of your Master Planner & use it as your Binder Top Cover.
Also, don’t forget to print all the planner pages!

Purple Iris Planner - Divider-11
Slipper Orchid Planner - Divider-22
My Giraffe Planner - Divider-33
Butterfly Faerie Planner - Divider-44

'Print On' Divider Covers

Print On Divider Covers – By Month or Planner Options.

Each ‘Print on Divider Cover’ is saved individually so that you may resize them as needed. Just print to the divider cover of your choice, and add it to your binder.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Three

Small Steps, Beautiful Results
~ 2022 Master Planner (365 days)

Weekly Daily Planner with my ‘Happy this week ‘will be…What’s the Happy about? Easy. You decide every week what ‘your happy’ will be for the ongoing week.

It can be something as simple as ‘I will smile’ this week!

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Four

Small steps, Beautiful Results
~ 2022 'Master Planner' Weekly Review Program

Weekly Review Tool

Included with the Master Daily Planner is a four-page ‘Weekly Review Program.’

What is the Weekly Review about?

It is an easy-to-use tool created to help you track weekly the steps taken to reach your goals!

Answer a few questions.

Enter your thoughts on the progress you have made, and voila!

Remember, this is not a contest.
But a beautiful acknowledgment to yourself…Of what you have done to move forward.
Regardless of the size of the step taken.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Remember. Small Steps are Solid Steps.

These are the ones that will move you forward.

And by doing so every week, you will now have a clearer view of the following steps needed to reach your goal.

No overwhelm. Nothing complicated.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Five

Small Steps, Beautiful Results
~ 12 month Goal Set-Up

A simple two-page, twelve-month ‘Goal Set Up’ for all your future ‘Small Steps.’

I highly recommend penciling them in…Because yes, as you go ‘bring about’ your small steps, your final goals may change!

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Six

Small Steps, Beautiful Results
~ Important Dates

As you move forward one step at a time in attaining your goals, let’s not forget what also creates ‘Beautiful Results.’

The beautiful moments to remember for you and the ones you care about.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…

Step Seven

Small Steps, Beautiful Results
~ Yearly Calendar

I could not publish a Planner without adding a yearly Calendar.

Printed in fonts easy to read, this yearly calendar is the perfect addition to your Small Steps, Beautiful Results Binder!

Small Steps, Beautiful Results Daily Planners…


Is it time for a change?

Is it time to finally take charge of your days and make that dream come true?
To move forward…One small, ‘solid’ step at a time?
If so, I offer the perfect goal-setting planner YOU need to make this happen.

And to top it all, an original design for each Daily Planner.  
Have a look; I’m positive one of them will take your fancy…

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