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Below are copies of my bi-weekly, weekly, and sometimes just…monthly Newsletter.
Why monthly? Because my mail out is based on how much I have on my plate that week.
What my energy level is that day…And how inspired I am at that moment!
To which you will find…
Personal reflections shared with all, updates on my latest projects and the marketing of fellow entrepreneurs.

I’d Be Good if I Posted on a Regular Basis…

I know I’ve been kind of missing in action, but hey, what can I say? Sometimes trying to do your best at all times, creates too many things to do at the same time!

So, what’s been happening?

Well, for one, I am now writing on – Or should better say, I am now a writer on

Why? I started writing when I was what? Fourteen or so…and it stuck. I enjoy it, and it helps to clear the cobwebs out of my mind!


As far as I am concerned, there’s nothing better than to put into words, emotions, and experiences to paper. There’s a feeling of being done with it once it’s out there…

Even better when if in some cases, you make it public!

Give it a look. You can also leave a comment and clap (bottom left-hand side of the article). Or. Better yet, follow the writer!

If you like what you see, give a girl a fighting chance and click the ‘Follow Me’ button at the top right hand. It doesn’t cost a penny, and it will make my day!


Small Steps, Beautiful Results Updates

Following up on my last Newsletter… Here are a few answers to your questions regarding my Small Steps, Beautiful Results Goal Setting Planner.

So, What Was All That About?

‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ is a product sold as a downloadable digital product. It’s a ‘Goal setting Planner/Journal’ with weekly accountability questions.

What Is a Downloadable Digital Product, You Ask?

My product is a digital product commonly called a printable. The process is this: You pay for the product. Once the payment is received, an email is sent to your attention with a link to your downloadable product.

My product is sent as a Zip file containing ready-to-be-printed PDF documents.

OK…Once I Receive My Planner, Do I Have To Print the Entire 2022 Year?

It’s up to you. The Planner/Journal was created for the 2022 year. You can print one month at a time…if you wish. It’s your Planner, and you work with it the way it’s best for you…for the best results.

What Size Is It Again?

It’s 8 ½ by 11.

Yes, good old brick & mortar size that fits perfectly in your favorite binder. As much as I love the digital, I also believe in the power of the pen to paper versus typing.

Call me old-fashioned, but I find that there’s something special when you pick up your favorite pen and put your most personal thoughts to paper.

I See You Also Offer ‘Binder Dividers’ for the Small Steps, Beautiful Results Goal Setting Planer…

Can I Buy Those by Themselves?

You know what? I’ve been asked this question a few times now and always answered as they were part of the set and not sold separately.

Well, I was wrong. I run a business which means there should be more than one offer!

So, to answer your question, yes, these will be available by Friday, May 20th. I’ll send the link by Newsletter.

Could You Explain the Idea Behind the Small Steps, Beautiful Results Goal Setting Planner in More Detail?

Easy. I got tired of the same old, straight lace, conventional business looking planners…And decided to create my own. To create something that was not only beautiful to look at but valuable, positive, and rewarding.

You see, I wanted something nice looking, pleasing…

Something that would make me smile and feel good every time I used it. I also wanted a planner/journal that would help me follow my ‘steps forward’ on a weekly basis, i.e. the included weekly review.

I wanted to follow, manage, and finally congratulate myself every week for the positive changes I had instilled in my daily life!

I should also mention that I’m a firm believer in congratulating oneself daily.

One day at a time. One win at a time!

So…I’ll leave this here for now… Your days are busy, and I’m positive you have much to do.

Small Steps, Beautiful Results.

Still not sure?

Have a look at this webpage, where the process is explained in an easy to follow set up.

Better yet, try it out…
What do you have to lose? If not all to gain!

Talk to you soon and take care…


To your well deserved success!

Chris / CJ

Digital designer & explorer | nerd | country life aficionado…
exploring uncharted backyard gardens & discovering northern country roads.

WordPress & eCommerce Website DEV. / Digital Designer
Certified Social Media & Internet Marketing Consultant

My goal with this Newsletter is to help. Help by sharing a growth process and a journey…Because guess what? We are damn stronger than we think.

And you know the best? If we put out minds to it, we create beautiful realities.

So, let’s do it.

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