'Dragonfly on Bulrush Leaf' 2022 Planner Collection


For those who love handwriting and prefer analog tools over a digital device – here’s a little something that will make planning your life ‘One Small Step at the time’ a lot easier:
‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ Printable Planner

Included in your 2022 Planner are the following:

  • 2022 dated Weekly Planner (365 days)
  • Three (3) page ‘Weekly Review’ questions to help you assess your ‘Small Steps’ progress from week to week + ‘Moving Forward’ lined personal notes/page
  • A two (2) page – 12 Month Set Up/Overview of your ‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ for 2022.
  • Important Dates – 12 month calendar (1 page per month) / lined page for dates & dates subject.
  • 2022 Calendar (2 pages)
  • Planner pages are created for double-sided printing if you wish.

1) Planner: week starts on Monday
2) Planner is offered in a ready to print Binder ready PDF formats, size 8.5 x 11
3) Print ready 300 d.p.i.

Note: Picture colors are darker on the screen then when printed.

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