To Panic or Not to Panic That Is the Question

Here’s a copy of my weekly Newsletter… The dust is starting to settle in many ways…and getting ready for a bumpy ride…


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

First, let me say that I hope my Newsletter finds all of you in good health and in strength.
We are going to get through this…
We are.

So, How’s Everything on the Home Front?

Are you going around in circles because hey – you feel stuck inside? Or… Have you just about reorganized every inch of your surroundings?

Don’t hide – You know who you are and know very well what I’m talking about! LOL
Nothing wrong with organizing…It’s just that some of us (like yours truly) can sometimes go overboard…!

Talking About Organizing. What a Change in Life eh?

I live in a small town, in the beautiful Laurentians, north of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. And for sure, like many other towns across the world, I’ve seen for the past 3 weeks, a slow, but certain slowdown creeps in inch by inch.

Yesterday, in the Province of Quebec, a full shutdown was instituted with Police Supervision.
In other words, you better have a good reason for being out ‘there’.
All essentials stores like groceries, pharmacies and the like are open and that’s it.

You know what?
You would have told me that this was in the making 6 weeks or so ago, and I would have most probably laughed at you.

Because No. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in our realities.
It. Just. Doesn’t.

Marketing Report

Yes, I got around to writing my report, and very proud of myself. It could be a bit more, but I guess like many at this point, concentrating/focusing can be an issue…I wonder why…

Here’s the link


Are you now working from home for the first time, and have a few questions? Here are a few links I think you will find interesting…

22 Free Web Design Tools

10 Tips to Be Super Productive Working From Home (Funny)

20 Tips for Working From Home

Working From Home? 12 GUIDES To Help Navigate The Remote Life

For the Classical Music Lover…

Berliner Philharmoniker – Free for 30 days
Redeem the online coupon before March 30, 2020.

Covid-19: Free online concerts by world-famous classical music venues

Last but not least, a beautiful little gem I found…Because working from home…Is not the new normal!

“How To Work From Home & Beat Your Home Studio Productively”

So, Do I Have More to Say and Offer? For Sure I Do!

But for now, let’s put it this way.
I guess like many, the shock of it all is slowly settling in, and a different reality is now facing us.
Will it ever be ‘as before COVID19’ again?
Your guess is as good as mine… And honestly, do we want to?

Have a look at some of the links below…Mother Earth is catching her breath.

Keyword suggestion for your personal search:
lower pollution levels in – enter the name of your country or continent – and COVID19
Ex: lower pollution levels in France and COVID19

Here are some of the results:

Air pollution falls as coronavirus slows travel, but scientists warn of longer-term threat to climate change progress

Coronavirus Has Slashed Global Air Pollution. This Interactive Map Shows How. (USA)

Air pollution declines in Spain after implementation of measures to fight COVID-19

I think there’s a lot to think about here in these coming weeks… As I said, we can either totally panic. Which really, doesn’t get you anywhere…
Or use our time constructively.

From learning & creating your new online business – to growing an existing one. To listening to whom we are, and what are the next steps to take.
There is magic in silence…

Last but not least. I found this article on Medium…
And I think it just makes good common sense…No miracle here. Just making sure we are as healthy as we can be.

The Science Behind Improving Your Immune System During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Talk to you soon

Take Care!!

Writing to you from ‘the office window is seriously open’ and the smell of spring is everywhere!

And remember, Go for it.
Go for that dream and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Be strong. Be Beautiful.
You. Got. This.

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