Top 3 Best Email Marketing Services

First. What is Email marketing?

In simple terms, Email marketing is used to promote products or services through the use of emails. One can use their Email marketing account to send advertisements, request business, solicit sales, OR…Simply stay in contact with their customers. It is meant to build loyalty, trust, and/or brand awareness!

Is it Worth your Time & Investment?

It all depends on your relationship with your customers. What are your goals? How often are you in contact with them? Is your business services or product based? Once you decide what route you want to take, from there, you will be able to better decide on how to use this great online tool!

The information below is here to help you make a choice. Help you with your next marketing campaign. Now, while email marketing may seem foreign to some, it’s really quite simple to use. What are the benefits? For one thing, it will help you put your business on the ‘map’ as they say, and move it forward.

The first rule of email marketing is don’t let it scare you off. These online programs are user-friendly and easy to set up…And if all else fails. Their Customer Service is awesome! So enough presentation here, and let’s move on with the details.

Note: My point of view comes from 12 years and more of working with these programs. Yes, it’s a business point of view, as much as personal!

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is an incredible email marketing platform and simply fun to use. Besides the many tools they offer, some of their best options are Marketing Automation, Sales CRM, and Messaging.

Once you sign up and log into your account, you will be able to access your dashboard. This dashboard is fully customizable and shows you all ongoing activities such as campaign, number of subscribers, and on. Now, the setup may seem a bit daunting at first. That said, the learning curve is minimal, and you will soon be able to design awesome email marketing campaigns!

Another cool feature it offers is the capability to import your contacts from a variety of different programs, with a simple click of a button. Note: If one of your contacts has a gravatar/photo attached to their email profile, Active Campaign will also import it to your email list. How do you like that?

With your account, you also get a basic web editor, as well as drag & drop email builder. Not to get confused, all emails/newsletters that you send out are referred to as ‘campaign’… There are eight different types: including time-based, automation-based, split-test, date-based, and a standard email blast just to name a few.

Active Campaign’s automated abilities are top-notch. The interface is easy to use, and users have the option of designing unique automated email marketing workflows.

For example, let’s assume your site offers free and paid membership accounts. When a new member signs up, as in any other email marketing software, they are added to your list.

Now, if this future member wants to sign up for a premium account, that’s where Active Campaign shows its true colors!

You see, you can set the platform to automatically trigger an event only for that user. What this means, is that this new premium member, (as per your set up) will now be sent a bonus gift as a registering Premium Member!

Let’s look at another automation AC offers.

Let’s say you offer a yearly membership and want to remind your members when their membership renewals are due… No problem. On the 11th month of their enrolment, Active Campaign will automatically send them a reminder…As their membership is close to expiring, and offer a renewal should they want one?

So, yes, you had to set this up to start up with… But isn’t easier than having to do this manually for each member? And maybe, just forgetting about it? I don’t think so…Go with AC and take advantage of the automation features.

Bottom line? Active Campaign’s automation features are very powerful and in my point of view… Offer more sophisticated features than our next platform, Convert Kit. While both are great, I find that AC is a good investment and worth every penny.

Note: Like many other Email Marketing software, Active Campaign prices are based on the number of subscribers you bring to the table.

So example, if you have between 0 and 500 subscribers on your list, you will be charged $19.00 monthly or $15.00 yearly, depending on your payment choice – and on.

Not to be missed – they also offer their new customers a free 14 day trial with all the bells and whistles.

You can shop around for cheaper, and you may find it. That said, you also have to realize, that you will be dealing with fewer features and most probably lacking customer service!


ConvertKit opened its platform in 2013 and is one of the simplest for users to understand and work with. It offers excellent features, that benefit beginner as well as veteran email marketers.

One aspect of ConvertKit is that the company targets a more ‘specific’ audience than other platforms – which they call the ‘creators’. These include vloggers, bloggers, Instagram stars, authors, course creators/designers, and a few more that fall into their target audience.

A huge point of sale for ConvertKit is their email automation workflows ‘creation’ feature. With this feature, you can see exactly what your email will look like, thanks to the visual builder that is included in the software.

Now, let’s assume that you don’t have a website yet, well, with ConvertKit’s ‘landing page’ editor you don’t even need one! Wait? What? Yes, it’s true, you can create great landing pages with their software, and get started on your email marketing quest. As much as it sounds interesting, if you are serious about your business, I would still go for the full website route! And use this option later on, for one of your digital or services sales!

Last but not least, ConvertKit has an incredible Customer Success team. They really listen and help you grow your business. Not only do they answer your questions, but they also host live training, weekly workshops, and open office hours.

ConvertKit offers users a free 14-day trial, which I highly recommend trying out…As in any online programs before purchasing. Their pricing starts at $29.00/month and they do offer a 30-day refund policy.


Aweber is one of the longest standing email marketing programs on the web. Its reputation has withstood 18 years and more, of the sometimes ‘fragile’ state of some of the newest technologies, offered.

With its durability, endurance, and long life on the market, it’s no wonder that Aweber has such a huge following. Their program features, are among some of the highest quality ones you can find on the market.

Here’s a little something I really like about this software…

You can create email sequences that are based on the ‘triggers’ that you provide. This means, that when you set up your email campaign, you can set up a trigger/timer for this automated feature. Which will then send out emails as per the trigger you have chosen. Consider it like an alarm clock that stays set and armed until you decide to change it!

Even though Aweber has been offering their services for close to 20 years…They are ‘keeping up with the times’, and are never the last to offer some cool features!

Here are some of their latest offers…

  • AWeber’s Customer Solutions Team Is Now Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!
  • New in AWeber! Visualize Your Campaign Performance
  • Create Modern, Sleek Emails Faster than Ever
  • Now in AWeber! Awesome Sign-Up Forms and a New GoToWebinar Integration
  • New in AWeber: Tag a Bunch of Subscribers at Once!
  • New: Split Test Your Emails in AWeber!
  • Now in AWeber! Curate Updates, Campaign Copying, and More
  • New in AWeber: Web Fonts, Awesome Integrations, and Email Insights to Help You Grow
  • 4 Pre-Built Email Campaigns That You Can Use Right Now!

These are just a few of the new features you will find when you sign up on the Aweber email marketing platform.

Aweber also offers users a 30-day free trial with full access to all of their features. Prices begin as low as $19.00 a month for 0-500 email subscribers, with peak prices at $149.00 per month for 10,001-25,000 email subscribers.

Aweber also offers a discount for users that would rather pay monthly instead of annually. Which is usually the other way around with most online programs (paying annually is cheaper than monthly). You can also signup for quarterly or annual plans to save even more.

Note Pricing

Been there, tried that…It’s not worth it. Pay for what you need, and put it in as an expense deduction for your business!

We hope that the information we have given you here will help you choose the perfect email marketing platform for your business and website. Enjoy the journey, and welcome to the life of email marketing!

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