Website Creation

Your website
is the 'visual'
of your Online Business...

Build it well.

Building a website is easier than you think...
Seriously. As a matter of fact, it's a lot of fun...!

8 Things You Need To Start a Website

  • Domain Name – This should be your Business Name.
  • Website Building Software –
  • Website Hosting – I highly recommend SiteGround.
  • Website Template Design – GeneratePress templates & Elementor Pro.
  • Logo Design – Some people do without. It’s really a personal choice.
  • High-Quality Images for Website – Images that represent the ‘style’ of your business.
  • Content – You will need to define the content for each page of your website.
  • Design/Brand Colors – Which colors do you want to use to represent your online business? What is your Business Style?

Plan & Develop Your Content

Determine the purpose of your website. What type of services will you be offering? Is your Online Business about eCommerce? Are you an aspiring blogger, and intend to update regularly with blog posts?


Don’t try to do it all at the same time. Determine what is necessary for your website, and start from there. You can always add more bells & whistles later!

Here are the basic webpages you will need to get ‘going’. 

  • Home – The home page is a ‘resume’ of your website’s different pages. Look at it as a storefront display…
  • About – Who are you? What is your background? How can you help your future customers?
  • Services – What are the different services you offer? What is your business all about?
  • Contact – How can I reach you? Email. Telephone number. Contact Form. 

Website creation & the process per se is not complicated.
It's just a matter of defining your offer, working with the right tools...
Then, create the 'visual' that represents your offer!

WordPress Website Package Description

I know, the content below most probably sounds a bit 'geeky'...
But you know what? I'd rather you think it's 'geeky',
Versus not knowing what your website is all about...!

Set up Your Online Business Basics

  • Register your Domain Name or transfer.
  • If not already set up: Open your Website Hosting account with SiteGround.
  • Setup your web host-based emails – Creation of two email accounts.
  • Install the WordPress Platform to your Hosting account.

Set up the Nuts & Bolts of Your Website

  • Permalinks: Configure Permalinks to generate Search Engine Friendly URLs.
  • Plugins: Install up to eight plugins applicable to your business needs & website speed.
  • Website Security: Install & Configure the WordFence Plugin.
  • Website SEO: (Search Engine Optimization) Install The SEO Framework plugin + SEO configuration for each webpage.
  • Social Media Profile Integration: Social media profile icons & links.

Create the Visual of Your Online Business

  • WP Template: Install the StudioPress or GeneratePress website template of your choice.
  • Webpages: Create your website pages with your content & images.
  • Design & Customize: Your WordPress template (website) & webpages.
  • Contact Page: Install a Contact form with email Spam protection set up. 

Start Blogging. Write & Tell the World About Your Business!

  • Set up internal website/Blog settings.
  • Installation of two blog posts + SEO.
  • Blog Categories: Create & Set up 
  • Note: The installation of your Blog page is considered as being part of your six pages of content.

Google Webmaster Tool Installation

  • Create your Google Sitemap to facilitate content indexing by major search engines.
  • Submit your Google Sitemap to your Google Search Console. (Account required).
  • Install the Google Analytics tracking code – With this tool, you will be able to track visitor statistics. (Google account required).

Set up Your Email Marketing / Newsletter Subscription

  • Build your email list: Add Opt-In form to Sidebar. ‘Call to Action’ Optin form, linked to an Email Marketing program, such as Infusionsoft, Aweber, Constant Contact, 1st Shopping Cart, and more…
  • Note: You must have an Email Marketing account already set-up. If an account must be created, additional charges will apply.

The Fine Prints

  • You must provide your own pictures & logo. An extra fee will be charged for picture(s) research.
  • WordPress website templates modifications are included in this package. Please take note that there will be an extra charge, (hourly rate) for modifications that are beyond the normal scope.
  • All extras will be charged the regular hourly fee.
  • When we first start working on your website, I recommend a one-hour website strategy meeting on Skype Voice. This will help me discover your vision and the goals you have for your new website.
  • During the designing process, I recommend that we meet on a weekly basis. This will permit us to discuss our ongoing project, and provide feedback.

Are You Ready to Move Forward With Your Dreams...
And Leave The Competition Behind?