ReDesign Your WordPress Website

8 signs
your website
is due
for a

  • Dead Points, Dead Links. Dead Pages.
  • Unresponsive on ALL Mobile Devices!
  • It’s been a while, and your brand has changed.
  • You found Security Issues – Now, that’s worse…
  • cluttered & slow website = Poor User Experience…
  • Admit it – Your Competitor’s Website Looks Better!
  • It is what it is…Your website looks old & outdated…
  • The SEO on your website is…You do know what I mean by SEO?

It's time for a New 'Look'!

'cliche' or not, it may be time
for a change...


Does your website look good on a smartphone? Is your site mobile responsive? Did you know that Google penalizes non-responsive websites in search rankings?

Outdated Image & Content

When was the last time you updated the visual on your website? How about the content? Does it still represent your values and goals? Is your Online representation still relevant to today’s market?

Great user experience

If you want your website visitors to remain more than a few seconds...Your design needs to be optimized for scanning simplicity. Because that's what we do. We scan the content.

Why ReDesign & Update Your Website?

Did you go back and have a good look at your website, and realized…That it does need a ‘makeover’ after all? How about the visual? You know, your ‘Branding’? Are the colors OK? Are the fonts big enough and easy to read?

How about the picture placements and sizes – How does that look on a Mobile? Also, when was the last time you updated your content? Latest blog post date? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Did you know that at the most, you have 15 seconds to keep a visitor’s attention on your website? 

Think about it. 15 seconds. Not much is it?

Now, since our attention span is so short… How about ‘putting’ time on your side? Don’t leave it to chance. Grab those few minutes, and make the best of it all.

Be proud of your ‘Online Representation’. It’s who you are, your company and the services you offer. Do you think it’s time for an ‘update’?

the color of spices

Are you ready
to distinguish yourself from the competition?

Your website looks good. You love it…
Still, something is missing…You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know something ‘isn’t right’.
Let’s fix this. What I offer here is easy. Let’s meet via Skype Voice for a FREE 30 minutes meeting.

Let’s have a look at your website, and see what ‘s not working, and let’s take it from there.

Let’s discuss your project. Your Dream…And move forward.