Website redesign

Because it only takes
a few seconds to judge
a design...

Website Design & Your Online Business

Let's make this simple...

You know your website better than anybody else. That’s a given. It’s your creation. It’s your baby. You worked hard to set it up.
I understand this very well and know where you are coming from. 

That said…You feel that ‘something’ is not right.

You can’t quite pinpoint what it is, but something is bugging you…Is it the colors? Maybe they’re too brash? How about the pictures, do they still represent what your online business is all about? And the fonts? Yes, the fonts! I know, it’s a detail…but a big one!

As I explained, everything is geared to the VISUAL. That’s the first impression, the first ‘look’… That first moment where we judge and decide if the website we are visiting, is worth our attention!

That doesn’t give us much leeway, does it?


Color is approx. 85% of the reason, why a customer will purchase a product.

As a matter of fact, it takes 90 seconds or less for a customer to form an opinion...
And...90% of their opinion is affected by color.

Do your website colors represent your products or services properly?

Let's create something beautiful...

Since colors and design are so important to our Online Businesses…If you have doubts or are questioning your present website design…Don’t you think it’ would be a good thing, to invest some time, and fix what needs to be changed?

I could go on explaining my proposition, but I’m positive you got it from the get-go…So, let’s meet. Nothing complicated here. No questionnaire to fill out.

Let’s Skype. Talk. View your website & decide what needs to be done.

Please fill out the Contact form below, and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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