The 6 Free Tools I Use to Run My Online Business

Why pay when you can do it for free?

Running an online business is a dream for many of us…And once we get there. Once we’ve finally done something about our vision of financial freedom…We go crazy.

Yep, I’ve seen it done repeatedly with my website development clients. They are starting out, and they want it all. It’s a new game, and they want the bells & whistles that sometimes they can’t afford.

Forget the price. Forget that their business is not generating revenues that justify the expense; they want it, and it’s non-negotiable.

I can understand. I did the same thing.

Why should I take the free option when the paid option gives so much more? It’s magical and it will make me rich overnight!

In fifteen years of working online, I’ve tried my fair share of paid and free tools. Some were worth the monthly fee, and some, well…It was money not used at its best.

Now, yes, the pricier option does give you more of an opening…if we can call it so. But do you need it? Is your business at the point where you will be using the option to its fullest and justify the price increase?

See what I mean?

This is not the year 2000. There are many options on the web where you can easily set up your business for free or at a minimal cost.

Let’s see what it’s all about.


Online to-do list on steroids! As I’ve explained, I’ve been working online for the past fifteen years, and I’ve tried them all. And often paying a good price per month, trying to justify that this was the only way for me to be organized.

What a bunch of …

Do you need to keep up with your to-do’s? Do you need something online, and not that piece of paper that only a doctor could understand the writing?

Do you want something simple and easy to use, and free? And yes, I know I sound like a commercial, but then, it’s what it is!

Todoist, organize your work, organize your life!


One Note

What is OneNote again? Come on; I don’t need to explain what OneNote does, do I? It’s been there for ages, and it does what it’s supposed to do — and well.

Is it worth it? Hand down, yes. From highlighting and tags for easy follow-up and sharing your note with others. Drawing your ideas, handwritten notes… and on.

Do you want to be prepared when starting your online business? Start with OneNote and make it easier on yourself!

If you’ve never used OneNote, here’s a link that will give all the info you need.



Now, why would you want to use HubSpot? Are they not expensive (yes, they are), and what does it have to do with starting an online business?

Scenario here:
Did you ever wonder if your clients had received the email you sent? Was there a link they were supposed to follow or download your invoice?

Solution: HubSpot CRM with Email tracker.

HubSpot Email Tracker

The email tracker is a live saver. It is. Try it, and have fun. No need to explain further…

HubSpot CRM

The free version offers a basic CRM (customer relationship management). Remember, you are starting out, and most probably, you will not need more than their offer. That said, it’s also on how you want to use this tool.
How much information do you want to keep on your clients? Birthdate, name of their kids, where they work, notes from the last meeting?

The world is your oyster…


MailerLite, Email Marketing

I know you are probably thinking…Do I need this? Well, the name of the game here is to build your contact list. And by doing so, keeping your future clients in the loop regarding the products you offer.
And how does one do this? Prepare and send out your Newsletter at least once per week without fail.
Remember, a contact is gold. Pure gold.


Zoho invoices

Zoho…who is Zoho? Zoho is a suite of different software created to run your online business. They offer very decent free options for most of their online products. And in this case, the invoice software is free.

I’ve paid too much for invoicing services/software throughout the years. And finally, there’s something out there that works, worth your time.



Like it or not, we need to market our business if we want to be seen and found. I know it’s not something that most of us relish…But eh, it’s got to be done if you want to win this game.

So, what’s the best out there to schedule your tweets, posts, and promote your Medium articles? Buffer, what else!

Buffer has a free version that pretty much does it all. It offers three social channels and ten posts per social channel.

Now think about it. This all depends on much you want to flood your social media channels, which you know as well as I, is not recommended.

If you have three social media accounts, set them up for two to three posts per day. The day following the posting, analyze how well your posts did using their analytics.

And remember, social media is all about interacting with your followers. It’s not just a bunch of posts out there…for what? Schedule them in advance in a Word template, and set them up for the day every morning!


Bottom line

Take a day or two and research the web as to what tools you need for your online business. All that glitter out there is not what it seems. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get organized and build your business foundation.

Take one day at a time, and make it work for you.