design, colors and to create...

My Website Is Again Under Construction...

And that’s the beauty of a website… When updated properly, it is naked…

As it shows to all, the steps you are taking in your private and not-so-private life.
It’s a reflection of who you are.

That said…There’s been a lot of changes in this past year. Does this fit as an excuse? Maybe not, but then it is a true reality.

So on and forward to new creations and new roads to explore. 

Latest Blog Post

My Disappearing Act & Moving Forward

So how long has it been since I’ve written something…Not a note or a few words…but something of strength. Something that makes you want to read a bit more, and then a bit more…

Beer, Chocolate, Gold Bond, And Tears

A few weeks back when asked how life was at home my answer was this…Easy, I’ve been crying or better yet, been seriously teary-eyed since the Ukraine war…

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