'Small Steps,Beautiful Results'

...Not your 'everyday' Goal Setting Planner


A personal planner with only one thing in mind...
Help you set & achieve your goals...
One small step at the time

'Butterfly Faerie'
2022 Planner Collection

'Purple iris'
2022 Planner Collection

'Grass Finch'
2022 Planner Collection

Small Steps, Beautiful Results
...not your 'everyday' goal setting planner
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...because we all need beauty
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What are my 'Small Steps, Beautiful Results' daily planners?
It’s all about applauding yourself...
For every ‘Small Steps’ you take forward.

It’s about being conscious and aware of those ‘Small Steps’ you take daily...
And being seriously proud of them.

It’s about the steps forward you take, thinking they are nothing.
Only to realize that they are far more critical than you thought.
Yes, I’m talking about THOSE…
It’s about congratulating YOU.
Yes, YOU, The Master of your Domain…On all of the ‘Small Steps’ you took TODAY.

It’s about seeing the changes from one week to the next and...
Realizing how strong and determined you are becoming.

It’s about taking a deep breath, knowing that you can do it…Even if it means that today…You only did the dishes.
Because guess what? Most probably tomorrow you will do the dishes and the beds…
And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.

It’s about tomorrow…
The day when you will catch a glimpse of YOU in the mirror and smile…
Smile and applaud who you are.
Because you know what?
YOU are worth it.


Just for you, specially crafted...
'Unique & Delightful'
8 1/2 by 11
2022 Calendars

Cats, birds, flowers & bees are all there to bring joy, beauty, and most of all...
Happiness to your surroundings...


Colorful Perroquets In A Circle
2022 Calendar


Asian Style Bird Drawings
2022 Calendar


Pastel Bird Drawings
2022 Calendar

Because sometimes the smallest of things is simply the most important…

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”
- Stephen King

Binder & Binder Divider Covers – Done!

Following up on my last Newsletter, I received an email from a future client wanting to know more about my ‘Small Steps, Beautiful Results’ Planner and ‘in’ the way in which it was created.

In other words, what were the results intended?

First, why did I create this Planner?

Because I guess, like many of you, I was tired of the run-of-the-mill Planners and wanted a planner not only unique in style but also practical.

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Small Steps, Beautiful Results Updates

I know I’ve been kind of missing in action, but hey, what can I say? Sometimes trying to do your best at all times, creates too many things to do at the same time! So, what’s been happening?

Well, for one, I am now writing on Medium.com – Or should better say, I am now a writer on Medium.com. Why? I started writing when I was what? Fourteen or so…and it stuck. I enjoy it, and it helps to clear the cobwebs out of my mind!


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Add Beauty to the Little Things in Life…

I’ve created different list series of what I call ‘List Makers.’ These can be used as stationaries, to-do lists, note pads…your choice.
In other words, digital products.

I call them the ‘Add beauty to the little things in your life.’
Each sheet is priced at $3.00 per sheet and is created for personal use, i.e., non-commercial.

Have a look; beauty is simplicity.

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