Because sometimes...
You just want something beautiful...

It’s a dream.
It’s a dream that’s been bugging me to bring it to life.
It’s a project that’s been on the back burner for a few years now. 

…You know, one of these projects you keep thinking about, but do nothing…
Somehow always finding an excuse not to move forward with it?
Yeah, it’s been one of those.

So finally, what made me ‘do’ something about it? Get out there. Create the website. Create virtual products and get the ball rolling. 

The Pandemic.
Pretty serious eh? I mean, it took a Pandemic for me to finally go forward. But it’s not only that. It’s also loosing loved ones & friends to an invisible foe…and with it, seriously realizing how short it all really is…

And then it hit me. Why oh why, was I not allowing myself to…Just create. Get on with it and just do it. 

Because you know…It’s been my passion. That’s what I’ve pretty much done all my life, in one way or another…

So maybe there’s some good to this mess after all.

But I digress…
I’m positive you are not here to read about my move forward...
But rather...
Looking for a fresh 'view' on printables and the like.

'Small Steps, Beautiful Results'
2022 Planner Collection...

'Blue Eyed Grass'
2022 Planner Collection

Butterfly Faerie - Cover Sheet

'Butterfly Faerie'
2022 Planner Collection

Purple Iris Cover Sheet 2

'Purple iris'
2022 Planner Collection

Banded Grass Finch - Master Planner & Cover Sheet (365 days) 1

'Banded Grass Finch'
2022 Planner Collection

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