The Strength of You & the Virtual Dream Creator

It takes a lot to stand straight and believe not only in yourself, but in the profound visions you created.

Vison, reveries and hopes?
Yes. The ones that so proudly declare that you’ve made it to the top of the hill.
The ones that say so well that you are the holder of your days… The warrior of each lonely moment. The master of your virtual world.

Are you really?

Or maybe it’s only a well-orchestrated show? An imaginary smoke screen there only to reflect the dreams of others…? You know, the unknown and hopefuls?
The ones to whom you sold the unborn vision of their future? The unfinished hopes. The maybes and the better tomorrow?

Yes, you.
The virtual dream creator.
The idealist behind the mirrored screen, searching to understand the invisible buyers of the moments.

A virtual dream creator offering morsels of its own visions to build the aspirations of others. A virtual creator offering a longing for a different instant.

But then, how long has it been? For how long have you tolled and started over, days after days, believing in all you have to offer?

How many times have you reinvented yourself? Created a new you, one stronger and wiser than the last version?
Only to know too well that as much as you have moved your aspirations to greater heights, you are somehow far from the results you desire?

Better yet, how many times have you sold yourself to the avail of others? Only to feel the needlessness of the reward?

Was it worth it?

Was the moment when you realized that the emptiness you felt was not a game? But a true representation of that moment?
Was it worth it? When you realized that the parting of the veil of the yellow brick road was but your desires, again masquerading as a reality.

I know.

I know and understand too well your moments of silence. The hurt. The deceptions. Those unbearable truths we hold so close to our hearts.

Those moments when your future is the now of your hopes.

You have worked so hard.

So hard at creating the dream you see so well. The one that will not let you go, regardless of how many times you have failed.
Yes, the virtual carousel of the repetition of maybes.

Believe in your dreams, they say. Believe in your strength. Believe when no one does. Believe in the you that will not let go.

Hold on to that dream like a buoy rocked by the storm of your doubts.
Say it loud and say it clear.


Never let go. It’s you.
It’s your soul yearning to travel the wants you’ve set so long ago. The ones that filled your soul with the sweet moments of belief in your tomorrow.

Start over and over every morning with a smile of deep confidence in your today. Be the pillar you know you are.

Be the leader of your realities.
The master of the now.

Be that persona you’ve come to know so well — the entity of those moments. Hold on to them and call them sanity.

Be you in the virtual of your glory.
Walk down that road and own it. You’ve built it.

Never let them change who you are.

Be you.